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In the mid 70's John Penny began working for his dad Jack Penny on a farm. The farm reared dairy cows and sheep but predominantly focused on pigs.


Penny's had the pigs reared for a wholesaler which would take all the pigs that the farm produced. The contract with the wholesaler later collapsed leaving the farm with surplus and you can't exactly tell a pig to stop growing! It was John's decision to slaughter the pigs and sell them to friends and family. Penny's began to thrive and everyone wanted more.

A farm shop soon followed, a butcher was employed and Penny's began to sell lamb and beef. John watched from this butcher and learnt the craft of butchery. Tim, John's son, joined the business and it soon became clear to him that they wouldn't be able to sustain themselves with this trade.


Penny's began to diversify into supplying the hospitality industry and prides itself on supplying some of the best hotels and restaurants throughout the North West.


The Penny family with a great team behind them is still dedicated to consistently producing meat of excellence.

"I have been working with Penny's Meats for many years and I have always enjoyed a first class service with the highest quality meat. I have always championed using local producers and when you have the likes of Penny's on the doorstop, there is no need to look anywhere else!"

Steve Smith, Chef Owner of Freemasons Gastropub- Ranked best in the North 2020

"Daniel Thwaites PLC prides itself on providing its customers with the highest quality produce, it is thanks to Penny's that our hotels and inns have won many awards and retained its customers for many year"

Colin Webb, Purchasing Director of Daniel Thwaites PLC

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